Christina’s Message

At I Want to Learn English (IWLE), we are passionate about the power of education to transform lives, neighborhoods, and nations. And in today’s world, we are keenly aware of the impact English can have on breaking cycles of poverty in families, communities, and societies. Computer-based language learning is a widely accepted teaching method in the private, public, and higher educational school systems of industrialized nations, and even used worldwide by business as an adult learning strategy.

But the practice of using computer-based language learning technologies as a social change strategy to meet the growing need for English language learning is virtually non-existent in developing nations and newcomer population centers in the United States. The traditional teaching delivery system’s dependence on classroom teachers is a luxury for most developing nations and, in fact, the lack of qualified teachers creates a serious roadblock to English language learning. Even in the U.S., despite the fact that millions of non-native speakers could benefit from ready access to English language learning, typical ESOL delivery systems similarly rely on limited numbers of classroom teachers offering limited numbers of classes at limited times. Combined with barriers such as location, cost, and pre-requisite educational attainment, English language learning is an impossible dream for countless children, youth, and adults in the U.S. and abroad.

Until now. With a passion for educational equity, I Want to Learn English and its education partners are using twenty-first century technologies to deliver English learning in innovative ways designed to meet the needs of under-served populations. Through the mission and vision of I Want to Learn English’s Neighborhood Language Lab Program, the hopes and dreams of thousands of English language learners in U.S. newcomer population centers such as Miami, and developing areas such as Central America can be accessible and achievable. Literally, just a step and a click away.

Thank you for sharing our concern about those whose life circumstances have created huge barriers to education and self-development. We welcome you as a companion on our journey forward – eliminating educational barriers and helping people near and far achieve their dreams of learning English.

Warmest regards,

Christina Drouin, Co-founder
I Want to Learn English Language Labs


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The IWLE team installed the latest lab, dedicated to Doug Drouin, in Madagascar. In a partnership with People Reaching People, this lab will allow both children and adults in the Toliara region of Western Madagascar to participate in the IWLE English language training program and to communicate with Volunteer Online English Coaches based around the world. Click here for updates.

How You Can Make a Difference

Are you looking to be part of a global educational and social change initiative? If you are committed to educational equity and empowerment through education, you can extend that commitment to others without access to tools to make their dreams come true for a better life and impact the lives of thousands of people for years to come.

Decide today to partner with IWLE to open the doors to the global schoolhouse at a lab site in Honduras in 2010. Here are ten ways your school can get involved in this high impact project:

1. Join our Resource Partner Network by sponsoring a lab.
2. Donate to IWLE’S ELLF—English Language Learning Fund.
3. Start an IWLE Chapter.
4. Sponsor a fundraising event.
5. Make an introduction.
6. Let us know about a U.S. newcomer neighborhood that might benefit from a Neighborhood Language Lab.
7. Join our Virtual Coach Network to support, encourage, and help teach one of IWLE’s English language learners from home, school, or work.
8. Travel with a Visiting Team to a Neighborhood Lab to help with installation, maintenance, onsite coaching, or just to visit and see firsthand the impacts of English language learning.
9. Donate to IWLE’s I Will Scholarship Fund at $250 per language learner.
10. Subscribe to the i.connect newsletter to stay current on IWLE’s activities, stories from Neighborhood Labs and Resource partners, and events in your area.

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