Francisco Morazán School Honduras


Opened: December 2009

Lab Administrators: Jannett Vasquez, Sonia Irias, Wendell Dubon

Neighborhood Partner: Francisco Morazán School

Resource Partners: IWLE Language Labs

Computer Stations: 28

Currently Registered Students: 182

Rosetta Stone English: Level 1

Hours on Rosetta Stone (as of Nov. 2011): 678

Minutes of Coaching (as of Nov. 2011): 1220

Student Profile:

Age: 5th—7th grade students

Native Language: Spanish

Motivation: Future opportunities to study and work


Did you know?

Francisco Morazán School has been selected by the Honduran Ministry of Education as a transformation project with the goals of being the country’s first bilingual public school by 2015. The 28-station lWLE lab located on school grounds is an essential tool in helping this exemplary school pilot bilingual public education.