IWLE Lab Partners

Neighborhood Partners, nonprofit humanitarian, educational, or faith-based groups committed to empowering the children, youth, and adults in their community through the learning of English, contact IWLE to express their interest in hosting an IWLE Lab. These groups apply to be evaluated as hosts of an IWLE Language Lab and are then interviewed and evaluated according to strict selection criteria. Requirements include participating fully as a partner in the lab by donating time, space, materials, and/or labor; guaranteeing accessibility, and working toward sustainability within two years.

IWLE, acting as a bridge, then locates and connects Resource Partners to the project.

Resource Partners, who may be individuals, schools, faith-based organizations, corporate entities, or foundations who care passionately about educational equity, empowerment, and sustainable development, provide hardware, software, peripherals, start-up funding, and/or volunteers to the Neighborhood Partners.

Resource Partners:

· Engage in a global education initiative from home.

· Have a long-term impact on sustainable development for a relatively small initial investment.

· Empower lives, give hope and a future.

· Can visit their partnering neighborhood lab site and see their resources at work.

K12 school resource partners have a unique way to integrate meaningful service learning into the curriculum. Some may even send a team to help install the lab.

University resource partners can use language labs to meet language, technology or teaching practicum requirements.


Recognizing St. Paul's Episcopal:

Resource and Neighborhood Partner

One of IWLE’s most dedicated resource partners is St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Delray Beach, Florida. You might recognize their name as an IWLE lab host, or Neighborhood Partner, as well.  Led by the Reverend Canon "Chip" Stokes and the Reverend Kathleen Gannon, this congregation has acted as Resource Partner by providing not only space but also resources such as electricity, internet service, and paid lab administrators to keep the lab running on a daily basis. As a wonderful example of what Christina and Doug Drouin imagined a Neighborhood Partner to be, they have also supplied, trained, and encouraged a group of very willing and able volunteers to enhance the functioning of the lab and to enable more people to participate in the IWLE dream. Members of their congregation and the surrounding communities have volunteered as lab attendants, coaches, and administrators.

The hard work of St. Paul's Episcopal on both fronts of IWLE lab creation and

operation has resulted in some great advances in the past two years. Student numbers have increased from 5  to 101, and as a result, the lab moved into a much larger room, which required more computer equipment, provided by another important contributor, St. Andrew's School in Boca Raton, Florida..

This church has had great impact on satisfying the English-learning needs of the community; however, they are not stopping there. Seeing a need for additional services aside from those addressed by IWLE, they have been developing their own “wrap around services” to help students deal with issues such as job interviews, food and clothing, and healthcare. IWLE is truly grateful to have such a dedicated partner.


For more information on becoming a

Resource Partner, please call Christina Drouin at

561.212.3144 or email: