English Instruction

IWLE’s integration of onsite and distance learning uniquely combines people and technology to overcome traditional barriers to language-learning in the U.S. and in developing nations. IWLE labs are currently outfitted with the online language learning program Rosetta Stone English. The key enhancement that IWLE provides is access to native-speaking coaches, who work with students via internet communication programs to improve their English speaking and comprehension abilities.

Language Learning Objectives

1. Starting from the Complete Beginner level, students will be able to reach an Intermediate level of English.

2. Students will be able to communicate using the four skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

3. Students will demonstrate the foundation skills and abilities necessary to continue studying English at a higher level.

Onsite Learning with Rosetta Stone English

This program serves as the “course book” of IWLE Language Learning. Rosetta Stone software is known worldwide for successful language instruction and is used by millions of people in over 150 countries. Modeled after the way that children acquire language, Rosetta Stone makes English accessible even to those who possess no native-language literacy through its award-winning Dynamic Immersion™ method. Students are immersed completely in English so that they learn quickly and retain what they have learned; no translation is provided. The program guides students logically through a carefully structured curriculum so that they learn vocabulary and grammar effortlessly and provides constant and immediate feedback so students feel confident in their ability to speak, listen to, read, and write their new language. Most importantly for our students, Rosetta Stone English enables them to learn on their own schedule, whenever it is convenient; students are not tied to a course start and end date or to a classroom schedule.

Distance Learning with Volunteer Online English Coaches

Native-speaking Volunteer Online English Coaches complete our program by providing the real-time, real-life experience that is crucial to building English fluency. Our specially-trained Coaches work from home, connecting with students via Skype and other internet communication programs to impart lessons that reinforce what students have learned in Rosetta Stone and to take students to the next level of being able to communicate in a natural way with native speakers.