One neighborhood lab operating for 10 hours per day with 36 computer modules at 80 percent student capacity will graduate 525 students each year. This means that within five years, more than 2600 students will have learned English through this single neighborhood lab.

One neighborhood lab operating for 10 hours per day with12 computer modules at 80 percent student capacity will graduate 175 students each year. This means that within five years, more than 875 students will have learned English through a single neighborhood lab.

2015 Scenario: Aggressive View

Five year projected impact of 50 12-station computer-based language labs: 10,000 students (Growth Rate: Year 1: 6 new labs; Year 2: 10 new labs; Year 3: 10 new labs; Year 4: 12 new labs; Year 5: 12 new labs) .


As told to Bas Wiersma, Fall 2008



I have been with Proniño for many years now; I came when I was 10. Now I am 16 and my life is infinitely better than it was on the streets. Even though I was still so little, I used many kinds of drugs and had to live of the garbage that I found or simply steal my food.

Now I am in 6th grade and looking forward to attending high school next year. Proniño has given me the opportunity to take English classes with a program called IWLE. They provide computers and software, and I learn English every week.

It’s really cool and I know it will improve my chances of finding a job when I am big, later.



My name is Eduardo, and I came to Proniño after my family was killed by gang members. I had nowhere else to go. But I’m okay now and it’s really fun to receive English classes.

We have many visitors from the US and Europe who come to work with us or simply come to spend a week with us and play games or teach us stuff. So now I can speak in their language too! Well, I mustn’t exaggerate because to be honest I am terribly shy when it comes to speaking, but I secretly understand almost everything they say while they think I have no clue what they’re talking about!

And we teach them things too; when they come down here we tell them words in Spanish and by telling about our lives they learn more about acceptance, and about hope and faith in a better future.

Together we can do a lot of good.

José Manuel

Dear friend,

Before I came to live at Proniño, I have attended school for quite a long time. Unlike most of the children who live here, I haven’t roamed the streets for very long and therefore I don’t have to catch up as much. I’m thirteen and in sixth grade. Next year I will go to high school and I can’t wait for that! My favorite topics are mathematics and English. A while ago I have started taking English classes with IWLE, and now I even speak English with a woman via the internet, who is my coach.

But my biggest hobby is the Red Cross. Thanks to Proniño I am allowed to volunteer with the Red Cross in the weekends and I have learnt first aid, and also how to inform the public about AIDS, which unfortunately affects increasing numbers of people in my country.

After high school, I would like to go to university. Maybe I can be a doctor one day?!


Good day!

Some people think that we aren’t worth as much as they are. It’s because we came from the streets and we have no parents. But that’s not fair to say; I was only 8 back then and it’s not my fault that I had to sleep in a park and eat left over’s that I found in the bin outside Mc Donald’s.

You know, it’s tough but it also makes you stronger. I happen to be very strong and I never cry, almost. But I’m twelve now already so I’m really big.

Every Friday I am allowed to go to the IWLE lab to take English classes, because I am among the best in my school. It’s great because we learn the most important language in the world and it’s quite easy actually.

When I am lucky there is a woman in the US who talks to me via the internet and teaches me new words. She’s really very sweet but sometimes I don’t like her so much because I know she speaks Spanish but she refuses to use it, she says I must speak English only with her!

Maybe you would like to be such a woman or man too, who wants to talk with me once in a while and help me improve my English? I’m really nice and I promise I will teach you some Spanish or tell you about my country and my life!