Volunteer Online English Coach Network

The robust variety of computer-based language learning strategies provided by software programs such as Rosetta Stone—including reading, writing, speaking and listening—work together to help students acquire their new language. But learning does not stop here. IWLE’s innovative educational program provides exciting opportunities for new language-learners to have unprecedented access to English-language learning through online technology and virtual coaching from native English speakers.


IWLE provides the necessary training and support needed for both the coach and the language student to be successful in their online practice sessions. Our virtual coaches attend a training course and receive a coaching manual complete with lesson plans that enhance language learning through directed ‘virtual school’ activities designed to give students the effective practice that is so critical to language-learning success. Our virtual coaches commit to two to three hours per week helping students practice new vocabulary, pronunciation, and conversation skills. In addition to providing language practice, virtual coaches give their students personal encouragement, which builds the confidence of new language-learners, further ensuring their success.


IWLE’s integration of onsite and distance learning uniquely combines people and technology to overcome traditional barriers to language learning in the U.S. and in developing nations. Virtual coaching, the heart of IWLE, allows caring but busy people to have a global impact without leaving home. Coaches not only help change the lives of others through education, but their own as well.

Job Description:

Volunteer Online Coach

IWLE Volunteer Online English Coaches work to teach, inspire, and empower new language learners in developing nations and in immigrant centers in the U.S. to achieve their dream of learning English.

Key Responsibilities of Volunteer Online Coaches

Attend IWLE Coach Training course (3 hours)

Communicate with the Program Coordinator

Coach for 2-3 hours per week at your chosen coaching time with the corresponding IWLE laboratory

Follow protocol for contacting students

Follow best practice guidelines and lesson plans set out in the IWLE Coaching Manual

Respond to student needs in terms of level and speed

Encourage student retention through positive messaging

Report on student progress using IWLE reporting templates


Requirements of Volunteer Online Coaches

Personal Requirements and Skills:

Native English speaking ability

Knowledge of teaching English as a second language

Willingness to learn and follow best practices for teaching English as a second language

Proficiency in accessing and using web-based communication tools such as Skype and e-mail, and social media sites.

Excellent communication skills – verbal and written – in English

Ability to commit two to three hours per week for a minimum of six months

An interest in people and their personal empowerment

An interest in education for all and global social change


Technical Requirements:

Computer and peripheral equipment (headset and camera if not integrated into the computer)

Internet access

SKYPE account for computer to computer calls